“Vertigo” is the Best Film of All Time -BFI

I’ve never seen this film, but I plan to very soon. I love every Hitchcock film I’ve seen except for some of the really old ones that don’t have sound and are all speckley. I’m sure I’m supposed to appreciate them on some level but I wouldn’t say I love them. I do however LOVE Psycho and Rear Window and a bunch of others that I have had the pleasure of seeing on the big screen at The Carolina Theater.

God these Women are classy. 

Kim Novac


I want to be in a Hitchcock film. Possible?

Oh No! I couldn’t Make out with you! I’m much too classy and beautiful!

Description from the Guardian  about Vertigo

“Desire and artificiality are the film’s central concerns, but ideas on subjectivity, female objectification and the male gaze frequently ballast themselves by looking into its Rorschach eye.

For every theory though, there is a counter theory grounded in the same facts, the same landscape viewed in different moods. Ultimately the beauty of Vertigo cannot be so captured and pinned; it is more akin to the butterfly garden, in which we all wave our own nets. Everyone’s catch will be different, and different each time.

Many agree it is Hitchcock’s most effective and personal commentary on his medium, the spell of cinema and his role in it. Scottie’s molding of Judy imitates Hitchcock’s own sadistic treatment of actors, directly mirroring his trademark production of fetishised cool blondes. ”

“I’m disturbed by the allure of its doomed women, even the ones we don’t meet: the real Madeleine and Carlotta. Elster and Hitchcock’s story isn’t real or even fictionally plausible, but something about it runs deeper than the excuse for a satisfying ghost story. We scarcely notice that the villain gets off scott free, because the murder is not the mystery.” – Rhik Samadder

Every Decade the British Film Institute names the greatest film of all time. It has been Citizen Cane for 5 decades in a row, I’m into the new choice.

Plus I think Hitchcock is brilliant and interesting. Quotes: 

Give them pleasure – the same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.

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One thought on ““Vertigo” is the Best Film of All Time -BFI

  1. joe

    Vertigo is my absolute favorite hitchcock film!!!

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