Whats in a hairdo? A brunette by any other color would still smell as sweet…. um… eeh.

Many encounters recently have made me think a lot about hair and how it makes a person feel, the number one encounter being that I got my hair did myself today, shocking that getting my hair done makes me think about people getting their hair done right? Moving on, what does it mean that we are so attached to something so changeable on our body? I don’t mean to get all existential but our hair is the easiest thing to change and I think that women go up and down pant sizes more often than the change their hair styles, we go through seasonal wardrobe changes and have yard sales and get liposuction or multi-cup boob size changes all to keep the same locks. This is obviously a gross oversimplification, and I am not talking about celebrities that can shave their hair one day only to have amazing hair extensions on the next. I am talking about my mom and my aunts and my friends who go in for trims at a timely manner in order to keep the same exact look.

Over the years my sisters and I have decided chop our locks in order to prove something, what it is I’m not quite sure but I’ll stand by it till the day I die. This kind of self change helps you grow, maybe we are proving that we aren’t only hair? My bestest friend Anna told me that the reason she befriended me was because she saw me chop a foot of hair off my head effortlessly (I cried btw) and since then I have convinced or tried to convince many of my friends to be free of their hair, most of whom still resent me to this day.

Even today as I was sitting in the styling chair I was reading the recent issue of W and there it was a whole story dedicated to a girl who cut it all off… not a celebrity or anything, an employee of W who did the chop and a writer thought it was worthy to write about. So whats the deal, why are we obsessed with staying the same?

Make Overs I’ve helped my hand in:

A victim of my crazy disorder:

And then the short hair transformation:

This cut was akin to when Felicity cut her hair off in the 90s, yeah she is still mad at me. (Elizabeth, not Felicity)

And the W article. Bizzs be crazy



And the woman who launched a thousand haircuts

Ok really I just wanted an excuse to put up a shirtless pic of her husband, just kidding she really did inspire chicks (my sis included) just kidding its all about bending it like beckham, just kidding I want her hair now… just kidding about the cut, but I want to be blond, and skinny…

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