Do’s and Don’ts

Ok remember when I gave you all ten +1 rules to be cooler, I had forgotten to cite my references. It was mostly all original experiences that pissed me off in real life and inspired my writing, however, I forgot about this other inspiration that I read a long time ago (look, 2004) I read a Vice Magazine list of Do’s and Don’ts that probably influenced me ever since. I mean, this list is funny and should be read again. If you want to skip the reading, 10/10 of the rules they list are covered in the statement- don’t talk about yourself- they just went into a lot of details. Read it here and laugh with me like as if I were a freshman in college again! 

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One thought on “Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Just (re) read your 10 rules to being cool, and then I read “The Vice Guide To Everything” which is taking up the most part of my morning. I had no idea it was 5+ pages! Needless to say your condensed version is much better. You hit all the great key points, and took out all the useless crap like “How to be a compassionate drug dealer”. Keep up the great posts!

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