Know Happy Daphne

Starting to write in a blog is so hard. This one should start “life is just not fair” but that was just so deep so I need to explain further. It is friday night and I have had a couple glasses of wine and a now I am home purposefully not having made any substantial plans for tonight because I am a graduate student under pressure to write and study and produce groundbreaking work on how people learn and even more how people with neurodevelopemental disorders don’t learn properly. Instead I’m google-ing blond streaks and discovering other ground breaking things like how amazing Daphne Guinness is with every outfit she wears and then I think to myself in the most superficial way possible -ever- how unfair life is. So there you have it. I want to be rich enough to own one pair of alexander mcqueen shoes which, is so silly. I KNOW that “things” like this wont make me happy but I would give it a good shot if I could. I would love to be at a big club in – say- Paris, for example, having to turn down photographers wishing to take my picture because I’m trying to keep it real… I could keep it real- real good I believe. For now, I’m gonna put on some red lipstick and my high waisted diesel jeans. All while evoking the spirit of fashion icons whom I have no idea of whether they have their own happiness or not…


McQueen Shoes Here:

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