Let me tell you

Dads and their daughters have the most blessed relationship on the planet. Studies (I would cite this but really I’m just quoting other people, who were also just quoting other people) show that girls need a male presence in their life and also that men learn more about women from being a father than from any other female relationship they have in their lives including the relationship they have with their mothers or their wives. My Dad came to NC to visit me for a week. Just he and I for 5 days and I cherished every minute. Mostly we did nothing but eat and drink, but while we were doing that we talked, a lot. A few things I want to remember that he told me or showed me: “I’ve reached a point in my life that I don’t really want to try a whole bunch of different beers, I just want a cold light beer, but it has to be cold” He referenced cowboy shows at least twice a day to give my friends and I examples about life. He made sure to buy me the cheapest toilet paper to save a dollar but then bought me a beautiful 100$ skirt without blinking an eye. He is proud of his cell phone that he has had for at least 6 years and doesn’t have a camera. He says that is his contribution to the environment, not consuming like an average American, saving the plastic he would use with a new phone, car, shoes, or many of the other things I “need”. He acts like he has less money than I do.  “If I was taking an elective in college by the end my biology (basket-weaving, history, etc) professor would think I wanted to change majors, they wanted a person to mentor”. You want to date a man that has some hair on his ass. Someone worth his salt and if he can’t keep up with you, then piss on him, if he treats you badly or plays games and acts uninterested, then piss on him. Anyone worth your time will recognize how amazing you are and put himself out there to meet your standards. Learn how to give your own ideas by making them think it’s their idea.  It’s easy to make friends when you can make fun of people. “I don’t care what you do in life, but you have to aspire to be the best at it. If I were a street sweeper, I would be the best god damn street sweeper out there.”

I had more fun than a guy deserves.

Plus he showed me how hot the 70s were:

For some reason he chose to watch 2 movies with me that were both about fathers trying to force their sons to be what they were when they were growing up. In October Sky Jake Gylenhall wanted to be anything except a coal miner like his father was, and he ended up being an astronaut. In breaking away the Dave wanted to be an Italian cyclist, but his father wanted him to stop shaving his legs and work in the quarry like he did out of high school and he ended up going to college and winning a race. Was my Dad sending me messages to follow my dreams or something? Or maybe just show me how lucky I am that he supports this weird passion I have for science?  Probably that haha.

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One thought on “Let me tell you

  1. hell baby

    a daughter’s relationship with her father is among the most sacred of all things, in my opinion. i will never be able to articulate how much i admire + appreciate my dad. we’ve always had that in common though, nahmean? prolly why we’re such good friends.

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