Drunk Tuesdays

Elizabeth and I took my ten rules too seriously and Tuesday night we got hammered… But it really wasn’t our faults- we had some wine at a bar on main street and like good little grad students we were on our way home when we discovered two things- Andrea had to pee and it the bar we were passing by had no cover. Then as we walked in we made more discoveries – including 4$ champagne and good dancing music and a bunch of undergrads who looked too young to even be in school.

Needless to say Wednesday morning was horrible, we did however, come out with a few good quotations:

“I realized the next day that I just had to go dance in the cage because pube mustache had been in there and I hadn’t” -E

“George W Bush is the greatest president our country has ever seen” – random confused undergrad

“oh my gawd- I hope that undergrad I just danced with isn’t in the class I’m TAing next semester” -E

“Why is there a bruise on my forehead?”

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One thought on “Drunk Tuesdays

  1. e

    that pretty much sums it up. we are so much fun. if i weren’t already friends with us…I would try to be

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