As the theme of this adorable blog states  I dress to impress the lovers of fashion and not especially to get attention from men (that is true for ME depending on the day of the week) However reading this blog makes me want to up my statement to clothing ratio for sure. I often waste perfectly good Tuesdays on hoodies… I could be wearing turbans or shoulder pads!

As I have previously mentioned, I am a scientist- I do a lot of genetic related stuff in my lab and as I read this blog it makes me wonder why more men don’t appreciate these fashion statements. I mean it can’t be genetic because we have the perfect control scenario in which male gays are completely supportive of anything unconventional or outlandish and they are getting the same hormones from the same Y chromosome as the butchest tshirt sporting cargo shorts wearing flip flop fans out there – as stereotypical as this all sounds even if they know nothing about fashion they seem to be intrigued with sparkles about as often as an average female. It kinda makes us seem so anomalistic men evolutionarily attracted to the hips and boobs that sometimes aren’t accentuated in the fashionest fashions. Can’t they be attracted to the confidence and intelligence that it takes to pull of such stunning outfits? Isn’t it time for evolution to catch up- for men to want their offspring to have artistic appreciation and the ability to be strong and independent (as Beyoncé would say) and therefore be attracted to those types of females instead of ones that look like they could breed well??

I know one male that is in support of the man repellant: Tom Ford is making women’s clothes now that are so beautiful.

Tom Ford Shredded Organza Shrug

Bright blue-

Tom Ford Silk Dress


This one shows some cleavage is that enough sex appeal to get past the sleeves I would say so.

Tom Ford Kimono Catsuit

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