Girls Night

Last Saturday night my good friend assembled a motly crew for girls night out… Ever since undergrad ended – well even then- I don’t really have a huge entourage of females, one girl to run around with is plenty in my book. When Nicole sent the FB invite to make sure everyone was on the same page I waited for till the last day to confirm but once I did I was all in. My hesitation only caused by my fear of commitment to plans for an evening and the undoubtedly exhausting task of making sure everyone is happy and feels included in our group outing… for some reason when I go out I get anxiety when the Debby downer is having no fun. This night turned out to be wonderful. We traveled to chapel hill, franklin street, to see the bar scene there and of course started at the place with the cheapest drinks to get our buzz on and then walked from place to place searching for good tunes to get down to and maybe some male attention for our mostly single crowd (myself and our recently engaged friend excluded). Lucky for our group the street was not only cluttered with cliché excuses of southern men in their baby blue polos and kacki pants we also had a huge military presence which made my ex-roommate very happy! Although Elizabeth was left wanting considering her taste for hippies and metro dressers- although she did find some banter with a well dressed black man.

One of the characteristics of the night was that we were all thrown together by chance- everyone knew someone but we all didn’t know everyone. There were pairs of friends that made up our little group. The best part of the night came when we came to the last bar an hour or so before last call and one of the girls I didn’t know leaned over to mean and said “Hey Andrea, do you think I should buy a round of *&%$garbled for everyone?”  I had no idea what she said but I agreed excitedly because of course we would all love a round of something, you know a kamikaze or something little like that! Even a shot of whiskey I wouldn’t turn down. She orders and I go back to dancing and a few minutes later I turn around and I see 8 tall boys being handed to my new friend from the bar tender. As I look closer, it isn’t even beer, it is a red soda that is 12 percent alcohol and some percent caffeine. At one am, why not!?

Of course I fee so bad for the girl because most of us can’t drink them because of driving or being too smart to partake, therefore I drink most of mine and pretend to hold someone elses to sip on. As a result Elizabeth had to drive home a very drunk girl who managed to chat up every person I encountered on the way to the car!

What is a Saturday night though without a round of 12% TALL BOYS!? 

Yesterday the times told how dangerous they are hahah, I can attest.


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