Life Time Brand

Interesting Question: If someone forced you to wear one designer for the rest of your life which one would you choose?

My first inclination was Calvin Klein – gasp – I know how boring, but it would be hard work to wear something outlandish everysingleday! C-Klein is sexy and chic- but then I took it back – I would definitely choose Chanel – so classy and sexy and now a days chanel is getting sexier and younger looking. (example with the amazing model carrying on the jagger pouty lips, Georgia May Jagger)

Plus who doesnt’ love Karl Langerfield  – especially since he is eating his words and hiring the famous plus size model (even if you can only see her face)

BTW I love the fact that I can’t even tell she is plus size- I mean she is twice my height and half my width and still plus size – time to go on a run! ha!

Crystal Renn

Here she is again on the cover of her new book explaining her path to becoming a plus size model. She is a beautiful woman

Maybe I should read this inspirational story- if only I could put down my current page turner:  “How to loose ten pounds in ten days and look like an olsen twin (one of them- not both)”

It is a must read btw

Karl Lagerfeld

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