Hard Work

Ok so this blogging thing is way harder than I imagined- I started a blog last thursday called “Thursday Style” – saved it in drafts – read all the articles in the times about fashion and wanted to chat about it- I wanted to do a big story about one of the only 50s classic actors I know of who passed away in september- Tony Curtis who was so handsome and funny and here it is a week later- ten days out of september and I haven’t written anything. All these things to look at and talk about- Also I watched the Movie Breathless – I hope I can get to all these things although it turns out I only consistantly write once a week! Lets see if I can make more time for it.

Today I’ll keep it simple: My sister sent me an adorable picture of her hot new leather jacket that her hot new man bought for her- I told her that she is becoming a “Kept Woman” and she didn’t know what that even meant Definition from Urban Dictionary:

Kept: a man or woman who obtains a higher means of living through other people, usually the opposite sex, in return for as little as companionship but often sex, a relationship, or marriage


She had to inform me that He bought it for her because she has been claiming for a month that she can’t “afford” to come visit me right now…. blah blah blah.

Also I effing love listening to Michael Franti’s: say hey (I love you)

“and I know one thing that i love you dah dah dah”

Hey mamma hey mamma ; close to you

the more i see the less i know- cause the best luck i had was you

—- makes me wanna dance—-

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