Tuesday Times:

Tuesday is also Exciting because there is a section in the NYTimes dedicated to Science. I’m a scientist if you couldn’t tell. Trying to tell people what you do is funny- its like when transgender people have to define what they are- “well I identify more with the female population” or blah blah- I usually identify with what people call a scientist! (BTWs it was just pride weekend) I come to a lab every day and work with people who have their pHds (I hopefully will get one someday too) running experiments that on a daily basis will provide a small minuet answer to the most huge big question; such as – what causes autism or how do we learn. Hopefully over years of running these experiments (most of which will fail to provide any real data) I will find a string of data that points in some direction and then hopefully write about it.   Anyways- NYTimes will provide the public with a version of science that is exciting and accessible every Tuesday… well there will always be the science times on tuesdays- sometimes it will be exciting.

Tuesday they talked about:

How Neanderthals made tools all on their own- without the help of humans because they found tools in the south of italy where there were only Neanderthals and no humans (people were in the north, where they also find tools- but nothing in the middle). I didn’t realize there was a debate about this subject – whether we introduced them to innovative tools like the ones pictured or whether they came up with them on their own- BUT if I did know more about it I would argue that the lack of evidence of tools in mid-italy doesn’t really prove that there wasn’t ever tools used there and/or that Peeps made a visit to the south of italy long enough to introduce some tools. Maybe soon they will find some in between- Like I said- I don’t know enough, but I think it is pretty cool that anthropologists can gather so much information from our far away ancestors just by lookin at some sticks and rocks!

This is my Hottie Friend J5 who is in school getting her masters to be an archaeologist and spends her summers in southern Utah diggin up shit. My Dad doesn’t know her but always finds random rocks that look like arrow heads or other unique items out in the desert that he wants her to name and date- and she obliges!

She is on the Left- Anna is on the right- More on her lates-

This one she must be out digging- I stole it from FB

OK back to the Times

Another Article was about how women who are obese get paid less in the work force. Pointing to the fact that obese women are discriminated against – and more-so than obese men. It is hard to comment on something like this because the things to be said are so so so obvious such as I dislike discrimination (like saying I dislike when people kick puppies, or when they litter *cough*) And of course- me being a women and a self identifying feminist the fact that women are discriminated according to appearance more harshly than men sits in my stomach the wrong way. I even feel for obese people- just because they have a health problem doesn’t mean it should translate into getting paid less. But on the flip side (there is no flip side to the gender thing BTW) is anyone surprised by this? And in fact it might not even be a cause and effect type thing but maybe people who are morbidly obese have less self-confidence and don’t do as well in interviews- or maybe they have other correlative personality quirks that make them less able to make lots of money- and even if it is cause and effect it also isn’t surprising. I remember reading of mice and men- where people didn’t want to hire the bigger of the two men because he would be more expensive to house and feed- the larger you are is the biggest risk for many health issues. Like I said – how do you talk about this subject – mostly how do you wonder about anything other than human nature?

The paper that they are getting their information from covers so much about the downside of being obese- not only getting paid less but the average costs for health care and other things – interesting


Ok ok

SO this is science times. There were many more articles on how one ladies office is in the rain forest and one about gargling with salt water when you have a cold but these two were lucky enough to get an appearance on my blog- probably because Jamie, my friend, is in the first field and 2 talking about discrimination, women and fatness in one article always spurs emotion.

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