In my recent ventures to whole foods I have learned a lot. A) don’t get crazy at the salad bar- it makes checking out really depressing and it isn’t as if you can go put back those extra broccoli chunks you piled on later. B) The vitamin section is amazing because there is always a person there ready to help you find the mineral/vitamin/antioxidant that you CAN’T live without even better than that though there is a huge book available that has cures for every element and tells you what all the pills surrounding you are good for. I immediately turn to a couple different pages. The first being ACNE- My sisters and I have suffered mild to extreme acne since we had our first crush and have also tried everything under the sun to fix it. Both my sisters have even worked at spas for many many years and all the estheticians on hand can’t seem to solve our case. The theory then goes that it isn’t really about topical applications and washing regimens but what we ingest that makes a difference? Well this book is all about it. So first of all I bought a big bottle of fish oil that is packed with tons of omega 3s (or 6s- I can’t remember) but apparently you need a nice balance of both of those for overall health. They can help with inflammatory disorders like acne. The second biggest claim to skin health is to give up all dairy products. They have study showing that there is a correlation between how much milk girls drink and how much acne they have- a correlation only- but their theory is that since the milk is coming from a highly hormonal – post partum and probably re-impregnated cow (apparently they re-impregnate the cow 6 weeks after she gives birth to keep the milk flowing) it is flooded with all sorts of cow-hormones that could wreak havoc on our faces that are sensitive to even our own hormones. I think this all makes great sense so I’m going to “try” to give up milk and cheese and all things tasty (pizza, ice cream, sour cream) in order to see how my skin reacts. OF COURSE the dermatologists and dietitians claim that it will take months for the dairy to leave my system so it isn’t like next week I’ll get back on here and share what a life chang it was- in fact after a month I’ll probably even forget/and/or cheat and blow the whole experiment but alas I shall try!

Here are some stats from the “experiments”:

They claim that the DHT is the culprit:

“Milk contains dihydrotestosterone (DHT) precursors, including 5a-pregnanedione and 5a-androstanedione. These hormones are only few steps away from DHT. For acne victims more DHT equals bad news. DHT signals the skin glands to produce more sebum. That`s one reason researchers agree DHT is a prime acnegen.

To make matters even worse skin glands already contain the enzymes required for converting these precursors to DHT. And that means the precursors in milk are immediately converted to DHT.”


It also says that insulin levels going up can affect acne- Milk affects these but also my carb loading and drinking probably doesn’t help either.

“Insulin is another link between milk and acne.
Higher insulin levels usually mean higher rates of acne. Insulin alone stimulates sebum production, but more significant than that is the fact that insulin levels correlate with the levels of IGF-1 and several sex hormones. These hormones are closely linked to acne.
Drinking milk significantly increases insulin levels, as dairy industry`s own studies confirm.”

I read that they followed high school girls and found that the ones that drank less milk had less acne- even the ones drinking skim milk were acne prone- so it rules out the fat in the milk having a large effect. Other papers and people would point out that maybe the ones less likely to drink milk would also be less likely to do other things such as eat “eat cookies and milk” Or have a high carb diet or maybe having acne makes people crave milk- there is not really a mechanism that is know, there is only a correlation. I’m going to see what happens when I limit my milk intake but I don’t want to make any promises.

Also It could all be skewed by the fact that I am constantly trying to lower my carb intake and also doing hot yoga every day!

(well hopefully)

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