I’ll try it!

At my yoga studio they sell Zico- which is a bottle of coconut juice that you can drink after the class and it is supposed to be SO good for you with all that potassium since I’m obsessed with my diet I didn’t want to drink one every day since it has 16 grams of carbs in it. When I went to whole foods recently I decided to get my own version! I found light coconut milk in a can that I bought and drank some of today that tasted amazing- One serving was small at 1/4 cup but had only 50 calories and 1 carb so I’ll drink my serving in the morning to brighten my day! Today I mixed it with my protein shake and carb control kroger brand yogurt  it is probably the new fad but it tastes good and really does have potassium which i need when I work out a ton so I’ll go with it.

Plus I always love a food that doubles as a beauty product:

“You can make a great facial scrub at home using a half cup of coconut milk, a quarter cup of sea salts, and about two tablespoons of baking soda. This is an amazingly effective and very cost efficient face scrub that will cleanse your skin and leave it looking fresh and renewed!

If you have oilier skin or bad acne use a few dashes of fresh ground cinnamon, as it’s a good natural exfoliate and will work quite well with the coconut milk and salts, and leaves you with an even more delightful scent afterward.

You can also use coconut oil to make a great facial cleanser for dry or blotchy, uneven skin, using a few drops with some unaltered oatmeal ground up very fine, and about 3 tablespoons of coconut milk. This can even double as a mask, having great effects on your skin for about 5 minutes after you apply it. Rinse off with cool water to leave your skin looking even and refreshed.”

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