Freedom to Choose Between Infinite Choices

I just finished reading an article in a news letter from my university (on religion). It was how subjectivity is truth- quoting from kierkegard and then applying it to the bible and how whatever you get out of it is the truth. The writing is from a good friend of mine that I look up to for his intelligence and true Christian spirit. He is the type of person that I usually fear for their love of Christ that usually corresponds to an aloofness and judgmental attitude.  Fear that they will judge how I am (the heathen). John on the other hand is kind and welcoming at all times – even when I show up at church 40 minutes late he jokes with me that he is going to plan to come an hour late next time because our new priest is so slow that the best part isn’t even till an hour after it begins. He welcomes the crazy radical and unique individual. Always having something interesting to talk about that doesn’t wonder into the idle hurtful gossip or condemning conversation. On top of all this he is smart and successful knowing so much about so many things- the Renaissance man that is has in depth expertise in many subjects. . He understands the world from the perspective of a great historian and can therefore treat situations with the wisdom of a person that has lived his years ten times over. 

In his article that truly describes how he lives his life; He says:

“Kierkegaard’s bold statement, that subjectivity is truth, signaled an epistemological shift which de-objectified truth while emphasizing the individual’s freedom to choose in the face of infinite choices…. God’s Word is not the collection of words found within the bible, but the passion and faith cultivated by the reader viewing his/her life within the passage. The significance of scripture does not reside at some distance- like a platonic idea that you need to analyze in order to understand”

My religion is filled with prescriptions on how to come closer and feel the presence of God that I believe guides each parishioner along his journey but John’s words fill me hope and despair at the same time. It isn’t ever enough to go through the motions and to read the scriptures if you don’t see how they are alive in your everyday life. You have to have compassion and love and mostly humility in your life. The dogmatic parts of religion are the easiest for me because then I can be looked upon by other people with admiring eyes and I feel   good about myself. No one sees the inner fight and the hate people can feel even when sitting in church.

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