I can’t get no satisfaction

  New Blog in the World Wide Web. Big Surprise! – Probably happens every day and I can’t claim that this one will be outstanding. I don’t have particular passions that are worth typing about and I’m not a particularly gifted writer HOWEVER I live in the two thousand tens (the tweens?) where – it don’t matter what your saying, holler! – there are blogs full of completely uninteresting subject matter such as red beets, or computer games, or pictures of people walking around Wal-Mart (ok ok the last one is ingenious) and also blogs where completely average people write about their daily lives. Actually some less than average- talking about the movie they watched alone on a Friday where really their whole night is in regret of not partying like more social less timid people do, but covering it up with intellectual haughtiness online. I’m writing this blog because when I’m home alone on a Friday nights, instead of reading sub-average blogs I will write one.

However I won’t bother you with my day to day activities because they are boring enough for one person to act through them day after day; why would I spread the doldrums out into the world (not that anyone will read this but maybe it is Karma times ten, because instead of sending out abstract bad energy, or rather boring energy, I would be sending out tangible evidence of a lifeless energy. I wouldn’t want to be a crutch to another boring person who finds their life to be exciting in relativity, and therefore settles even further back into their comfort zone) No no no, this blog will be an outlet, and a record, of things I obsess over. Thus the username, I would love to have moderation, patience, and balance in my life but I can’t seem to get there. There is a little switch in my brain that goes from disinterest to obsess in a matter of days. More so a sense of uselessness in something that I’m not obsessed with. Examples: I went months without exercise and then I went running every single day till I could run a marathon. I didn’t even mean to train but if I missed a day running the next day seemed so pointless. I had never watched a French film till I met Audrey Tatuo and from there on out I watched only her movies until the collection was exhausted and then I watched them all again. Discovering new seasons of movies?- disastrous for social life till it is over. Food intake: Either I consume Four thousand calories or Four hundred and that varies daily. 

My new obsession: Yoga 

Not any yoga- but a fanatical person’s dream yoga. 105 degrees and 50% humidity. With multitudes of competitions and other excitable people trying to complete 30, 60, 100 days in a row to “change their lives”. If only it were that easy. At day 7 I am convinced that tomorrow I’ll feel the difference (daily thought). I want to have more focus and more self control and with this obsession I want to find moderation in my life. (Irony BTW) 

For all of the curious people out there, I am feeling the difference- I can run faster. I have been timing myself for years on a treadmill run of five miles. 1 year ago my goal was always 45 minutes (9 min/mile) and yesterday I did it 40 min (8 min/mile) Due to yoga or was it a coincidence that the week I start doing yoga would have been the week I ascended that goal anyway!? I can’t say but I can say that it has scared the shin splints and sciatica away from my lower body in order to keep training which is as important as any cardiovascular or muscle strength improvements. I love it, though, I love improving on every posture. Trying to get deeper spread my hips, legs, arms chest wider. And you might ask for what!? I will tell you, that little lever in my head has been clicked. I will never compete in a yoga competition and never need to be flexible for any reason in my daily life but I’m telling you, that is how my brain works. 

More interestingly there are accounts of the differences people have seen over their 60 day challenges and the science behind it that my instructor keeps talking about from UCLA. Tomorrow I’m going to post links about the “interesting” blogs and summarize them. 

Good night for now. I have become obsessed with getting up at 530 am for no particular reason so I must go to bed at ten.

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