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Love is Love

“No freedom till we’re equal, Damn right I support it”



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Mean People











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Riot Girls

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Edie Sedgwick

 I only know what I know about miss Edie from watching “Factory girl” the  biographical film based on her life. The movie was inspiration to live a more artistic life. She is a good reminder to not take yourself too seriously. She was a Warhol superstar, she was in his clique and stared in his artwork. Her tragic life began in her early years with an unstable upbringing and continued until her premature death when she was only 28.

She seemed so artistic and carefree with a unique perspective on life. Her virtues made her the most vulnerable and the artist that she was.tumblr_mix03jqET81qhk43yo1_500












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Tom Ford Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes

I have to stop watching this half way through because it is too amazing and I don’t want to overwhelm my firing brain cells.

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Megan Martik loves Science

The Squid giant axon! The squid has 3 different chromatophore colors: Brown, Red, and Yellow. Each chromatophore has tiny muscles along the circumference of the cell that can contract to reveal the pigment underneath.

“We used a suction electrode to attach to the squid’s fin nerve, then connected the electrode to an iPod nano as our stimulator. The results were both interesting and beautiful. The video below is a view through an 8x microscope zoomed in on the dorsal side of the fin.”

More information at

Human beat box to a cockroach leg. Here is a TED talk that explains simply the process of the electro-stimulation through the chromatophores by using music to stimulate a cockroach leg. This makes working on mice seem not as bad.

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Cara Delevingne

Beautiful Pictures, Maria would love her twitter description

I Professional human being. I also love eyebrows and playing the drums!

Hair We can see why she loves Eye brows!

Lips I told Elizabeth this is how you do eeeet.


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Pitch Perfect

I can’t wait to see this!

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